Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church - Hot Springs Village, AR
b_300_169_16777215_01_images_2013_Photos_2013_Mens_Club_Brat_Dinner.jpgThe Men's Club kickoff dinner for the year was held on Tuesday, September 10, 2013. This is our annual pot-luck dinner with wives and the widows of past members invited.  Approximately 140 attended and were treated to a presentation by the new General Manager of the POA, David Twiggs.
David talked about the need to attract new people to the Village by offering new amenities in the Village that we don't currently have, such as a community center, with shops and condos and apartments located nearby.
After his speech Bob Heisler, President of the Men's Club, introduced new members and widows of past members and after a very short business meeting.  Deacon John Froning closed the meeting with a prayer.